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Impol stellt ein breites Spektrum von Walz und Pressprodukten aus Aluminium her Wir zeichnen uns durch Einsatzbereitschaft und Anpassung an Kundenwünsche aus

Organization Impol

Organization Organization Impol Group operates under the auspices of its holding company Impol 2000 d d with the following direct subsidiaries Impol d o o Rondal d o o Impol Servis d o o and Impol Hungary Kft whereas Impol d o o operates with three subsidiaries four sub subsidiaries and two associates All companies and

About us Impol

About us Impol is a flexible innovative and development oriented company engaged in reprocessing aluminium in state of the art semi finished goods that constitute the wide range of our products and successfully meet the needs of various industries Our basic competitive advantages are flexibility and versatility as the company meets the

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Использование роботов Сегодня существует множество ниш в которых используются роботы


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